Artist                                        Laudon

Name Artwork                         ART

Dimensions                             37 x 52 x 8 inch

                                                94 x 132 x 20 cm

Edition                                     Unique


Laudon, France, 1960

Born in the south of France, she had a passion for art in her early years. When she was 20, she moved to New York, where she discovered "Street Artists". They would do graffitis on the walls of the "Big Apple" New York. When she returned to live in Paris, she was deeply influenced by those artists, Pop Art, comics and the world of animation in general. Superheroes, pin-ups and some of the greatest movie icons as well as the music celebrities are gathered together in her art. Often she creates a work of art from everyday objects, such as traffic cones or the letters of the old Renault Dealership on the Champs Elysees. Welcome to the world of Natalie Laudon.



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